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Tree survey reports provide invaluable information about the trees on your property, and help you plan accordingly. This will help you maximise the value of your trees and property, and it may even help put money in your pocket.

Arbor Tree Surgeons works with a number of arborists that perform tree survey reports, and we can help jumpstart the process for you.

why do you need a tree report?

There are a variety of reasons you may benefit from a tree report.

  • Developers may be required to obtain tree survey reports before beginning construction projects.
  • Timber managers may need to know the species composition of a plot of land.
  • School personnel may be interested in determining if there are any dangerous trees on the grounds.
  • Wildlife management firms may need to know which species on their lands are providing food for the animals.
  • Homeowners may simply be curious to learn more about the trees in their backyard.

But no matter what your reason for needing a tree survey report, make Arbor Tree Surgeons your first call.

What Information Is Included in a

Tree Survey Report?

Tree survey reports can be customised in a variety of ways to provide you with exactly the information you need. Once we put you in touch with the best arborist for your needs, he or she will contact you to find out the purpose of the survey and talk over the details with you.

Some of the information that can be collected includes:

  • The species living on a given plot of land
  • The number of trees present
  • The relative sizes of the trees present
  • The basic condition and health status of the trees on the land
  • Property-wide environmental factors affecting your trees

And much, much more!

Just be sure that you are clear about your needs and expectations, and you are sure to be rewarded with a bounty of valuable information.


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Only a small group of arborists have the requisite skill and experience needed to produce an accurate tree survey report. So, you can make one phone call to Arbor Tree Surgeons, or you can spend the day calling dozens, while playing detective.

Make the right decision: Arbor Tree Surgeons is your one-stop shop for any tree-related service you require.     

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