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Far from benign, tree stumps actually pose safety and health hazards to you and your family. Some of the most serious problems include the following:

  • Some tree species will re-sprout from their stump. However, this new growth will usually exhibit extremely poor structure, and represent a safety hazard within a few years. Accordingly, you’ll have to have it trimmed back each year, instead of simply nipping the problem in the bud.
  • Trees that continue to sprout also continue to produce new root tissue. These new roots can cause damage to underground pipes, utility lines and home foundations.
  • Stumps are slowly eaten by fungi, which will form mushrooms on the surface of the wood. These mushrooms will then release spores into your yard, placing your other trees at risk of decay.
  • Trees that died from diseases or insects often leave stumps that are infested with these killers. By allowing insects and pathogens to linger, you put the rest of your trees in jeopardy.

Avoid these problems and help improve the aesthetics of your property by contacting Arbor Tree Surgeons. We will provide you with one of our stump grinding professionals, who will take care of your problem quickly and professionally.

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Removing the stump

without danger

There are a few different ways to remove the stump left over after having a tree felled. You can have skilled, competent professionals, grind the stump down; or you can do battle with the stump yourself. Others may elect to leave the stump as is.

Unless you have experience working with the types of power tools used to grind tree stumps flush, you probably shouldn’t try to do so without help, and the various methods of burning a stump are inherently dangerous.

That leaves you with the best possible option: Soliciting the help of Arbor Tree Surgeons, and our roster of stump grinding pros.

Contact us today, so that we can provide you with the perfect stump grinding professional for your needs and budget. They can handle any stump you have, no matter its size, species or location.

how to professionally

deal with a tree stump

Before the advent of power tools, landowners were forced to leave stumps in place or try to hack them into pieces with an axe – hardly an easy task. Industrious individuals have devised a wide variety of novel solutions for removing a tree stump, and the internet is littered with unsound and unsafe methods, but stump grinding professionals rely on two time-tested methods.

Most often, professionals use a large grinding tool that slowly converts that 100-year-old stump into a fine dust. If necessary, the stump can be cut closer to the ground with a chainsaw to reduce the amount of wood that must be ground.

Other stump-removing professionals utilise small tracked vehicles to “pop” stumps out of the ground. This is perhaps the fastest method for removing stumps, and it is a great option for cleared lots and other areas with many stumps requiring removal.

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