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Even the most dedicated tree-lovers among us understand that some trees are unsafe or otherwise undesirable, and they must be removed. If you find yourself faced with such an eventuality, make sure to leave the job to the professionals. Fortunately, Arbor Tree Surgeons partners with exactly the kind of tree removal services you need.

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When Tree Removal
Is Necessary

Trees may require removal for a number of reasons, but some of the most common include the following:

The tree is dead or dying

Dead trees can fail at any moment, and they almost always require removal. Acting promptly helps you to keep your family safe and often helps to keep removal costs low.

The tree sustained damage from a storm or high winds

Winds, hail and even strong rains can leave trees battered and bruised, which can compromise their structural integrity. Storm-damaged trees should always be assessed by a qualified arborist to ensure the tree’s canopy is still balanced and the trunk is stable.

The tree is suffering from pests or disease

Pests or disease often weaken trees enough to kill them, so it makes sense to remove them proactively if a cure is not possible. Additionally, by eliminating the bugs, bacteria or fungi living in the afflicted tree, you can help protect the other trees on your lawn.

The tree blocking sunlight from reaching your lawn

If you prize your lush, emerald-green lawn above all else, you may have to remove a tree or two to provide your lawn with more sunlight.

The tree is blocking your view

We think that trees are beautiful, but sometimes the view behind them is even better. In these cases, you may want to remove the tree to open up additional lines of sight.

The tree is to be replaced

If you’d simply rather replace the scraggly oak growing in your yard with a new apple tree, you’ll have to remove the old tree first. Our roster is full of arborists who can not only remove the old tree, but plant the new tree once they are finished.

Many low-quality and disreputable tree workers try to churn out as much work as possible by cutting corners. Often, they’ll leave the stumps and root systems behind, after felling a tree. This saddles you with the responsibility of finding a tree stump removal professional to deal with the problem.

But Arbor Tree Surgeon does not include these kinds of arborists on our roster. Our tree removal partners will offer stump removal services before they’ve left the job site, and they can also remove tree stumps or root systems left behind when trees are felled or fall over on their own.

Methods Of

Tree Removal

Trees can be removed in a number of different ways, depending on the circumstances surrounding it. While arborists can sometimes drop trees from the ground, it is generally preferable to remove them in small pieces. By breaking the job down this way, the arborist can reduce the risks associated with the process and retain better control of the tree during the process.

If the tree is healthy, most arborists prefer to send a climber up to the top. Once there, he’ll remove branches and short lengths of trunk. However, if the tree is dead or in poor condition, it may be necessary to use a crane or bucket lift to help remove the tree safely.

our priority

safety first

Potential Complications

One of the reasons it is so important to leave tree, stump & root removal to the professionals is that a variety of things can happen during the process, making the job riskier and more dangerous.

For example, knots and imperfections in the wood can cause a tree to fall suddenly or in unpredictable ways. While professional arborists often have the skill to take such challenges in stride, amateurs are unlikely to be able to do the same. Instead, they may be forced to watch powerlessly as the tree falls right on top of their home or car.

“Barber chairing” is another problem that strikes fear in the hearts of even the bravest arborists. Named for the chair-like stump left behind, this problem happens when a tree falls over suddenly and unexpectedly during the removal process. Because the arborist is not prepared for the tree to begin its fall, and it is still held in place by a significant quantity of wood, the trunks of these trees often explode violently once the process begins.

Experienced arborists – like those of Arbor Tree Surgeons’ partner organisations – understand the signs that indicate a tree may barber chair, and they know the measures necessary to prevent these eventualities. Amateurs are very unlikely to anticipate this problem; if they’re even aware of the possibility at all.

Accordingly, it is simply unwise to attempt tree removal yourself. Save yourself some time, energy and avoid potential catastrophes by contacting Arbor Tree Surgeons. We will provide you with a highly skilled arborist in your area, who can remove the trees you need, while protecting your safety and property in the process.

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