A beautiful addition to the garden or plot

with huge environmental and practical benefits

Many, perhaps most, of the problems that afflict mature trees can be traced back to their installation. And although homeowners certainly can plant their own trees, that doesn’t mean they should.

Too often, laypersons make mistakes during the process, ruining their investment and ensuring their new trees struggle for most of their short lives. But arborists and tree surgeons have a much better success rate.

Ensure a successful installation

that lasts a lifetime

Professional tree planters understand the needs of trees, and they know how to provide these requirements.

  • They know how deeply the trees should be planted, how firmly to repack the soil and how much to prune the canopy to balance the keeping needs of food production and avoiding water stress.
  • They know the species likely to thrive in a given soil, climate and location, and they know which ones are likely to languish instead.
  • They have an appreciation for the thirst for water newly planted trees exhibit, but they have the skill to avoid overwatering during this critical period.

You never want to spend your time and money planting a group of trees, only to watch them wither and die a few months or years later. Instead, it makes much more sense to seek the help of professionals who’ve planted thousands of trees over the years and have the education, skill and experience to give the trees the best chance at success.

When’s the Best Time to

Plant New Trees?

The best time to plant trees is during the cooler portion of the year, from October or early November to late March or early April. This is will help the trees establish themselves before the coming summer, when water stress can weaken or kill trees that have yet to produce a robust root system.

However, with the help of experienced tree-care professionals, trees can be planted at virtually any time of year. Arborists understand how to provide a little extra help to trees facing challenging conditions, which gives the trees a chance to become established and thrive.

And as the saying goes, “The best time to plant a tree is yesterday; the second-best time to plant one is right now.”


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there are huge benefits to planting trees

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It doesn’t matter if you need a pair of arborvitae planted outside your front door, a hedge of evergreen hollies planted on your property’s boundary, or you want to convert a vacant lot into a carbon-consuming forest; Arbor Tree Surgeons is here to help.

We provide tree-planting professionals that cater to projects of all sizes and have the tools, equipment, and manpower necessary to get the job done. Give us a call to receive the best tree-planting professional for your needs.

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