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Tree felling is an incredibly dangerous activity, that puts everyone and everything in the tree’s vicinity at risk. It is, therefore wisest to have your trees felled by professionals that know what they are doing. Contact Arbor Tree Surgeons and let us provide you with the best tree fellers for your needs.

What Is Tree Felling?

Simply put, felling is the act of cutting a tree down with saws or axes. Most professional fellers use large chainsaws to accomplish the task in the least possible time, but exceptionally large trees may be felled with the use of a gigantic two-man saw.

However, tree fellers do not simply start cutting into a tree and hope for the best. Trees are incredibly heavy objects, and it is imperative that they are cut so that they fall in the desired direction, rather than landing on homes or vehicles. To that end, fellers employ specialised cutting techniques to help them control the tree and drop it gently on the ground below.

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When You Need

Tree Felling

Trees may be felled to make room for new construction projects; in fact, any tree located within the general area of a construction project is likely to sustain damage which may require its removal. But felling can also be employed to eliminate hazardous, pest-infested or diseased trees, or simply improve your view of the area.

Some homeowners have trees felled so that they can be replaced with other trees, while others may seek to have trees removed to settle disputes with neighbours.

But no matter the reason you need a tree feller, Arbor Tree Surgeons has the skilled professionals you need. Contact us today and schedule tree felling services with one of your area’s most qualified arborists.

Methods of Tree Felling

There are several different methods tree fellers use to cut down trees. Some prefer to cut down trees manually, using chainsaws or axes, while others rely on specialized heavy vehicles to accomplish the task. If you only need a few trees cut down, we’ll probably match you with a smaller felling operation, who will use hand tools to remove the trees.

However, if you are in need of significant felling work, we’re more likely to pair you with a high-volume felling company, who use heavy vehicles to quickly and efficiently cut down the trees on your property. These types of tree felling professionals will be able to cut down your trees and let you start using the land for other purposes.

Contact Arbor Tree Surgeons today and let us provide you to a local tree feller with the skills you require.

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