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Trees, shrubs and hedges only look their best when they are regularly trimmed by competent professionals. Fortunately, Arbor Tree Surgeons has a roster full of tree trimmers and tree cutters, who are ready and waiting to help keep your plants professionally trimmed.

Contact us today, and let us match you with one of our tree trimming professionals. We have the arborists to perform whatever tree or bush trimming services you require, whether you need simple tree maintenance, tree shaping or a complete tree cutting service.

Tree Cutting & Trimming Techniques

Trimming is not a one-size-fits-all activity. Each tree represents a unique challenge, requiring the arborist to use his skill and experience to achieve the best possible results. Some of the most common techniques include:

Crown Cleaning

Crown Cleaning

Branch death is a normal and natural part of almost every tree’s life, but for safety’s sake, it is best to have these dead branches removed. Arborist call this technique crown cleaning.
Crown Raising

Crown Raising

If the goal is to increase the clearance beneath a tree, an arborist can selectively remove the lower branches from a tree to raise its crown.
Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction

When an arborist needs to reduce the height or spread of a tree, he or she carries out one of the most technically demanding trimming techniques, called a crown reduction.
Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning

At times, tree trimmers will find it necessary to thin the crown, by selectively removing living branches. This may be carried out for a variety of reasons, including allowing more sunlight to pass through the canopy.

maintain for safety

and appearance

The Best Time For

Tree Cutting

You can trim most tree species at any time of year, but winter often offers the best opportunity, as the deciduous trees have shed their leaves, making it easy to see their branch structure. However, some species can “bleed” sap if they are trimmed in the spring, which can be aesthetically unpleasing; and others may be susceptible to pests or pathogens if trimmed in the summer.

In all cases, the wisest course of action is to contact Arbor Tree Surgeons, and let us provide you with one of our skilled tree trimmers.

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