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Few things will depress property values and spirits like neglected, overgrown lots will. Literally bursting with vegetation, these areas look horrible to the people that live near them, as well as those passing through the neighbourhood.

But the trees, vines and shrubs filling overgrown lots are not only eyesores — they also represent safety hazards. Trees in these locations are often coated in vines, which can upset their balance and place strain on their branches and trunks, thereby subjecting them to failure. Many of these vines bear sharp thorns, and some can cause painful skin irritations too. The shrubs growing in neglected areas may also bear thorns, and they serve as habitat for rodents and other pests.

Accordingly, it is wise to have such vegetation removed. It will keep the property safer and increase its value. But the problem is, most homeowners have no idea where to turn for assistance in these matters.

But that’s where Arbor Tree Surgeons comes in. Not only do we have a roster full of tree-care professionals to provide any tree-related problems you have, we also partner with a number of site clearance specialists, who have the training, expertise and skill to clear your overgrown site quickly, professionally and safely.

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No matter what challenges your vacant lot poses, our site-clearing specialists can handle the job. From felling the standing trees and grinding down the resulting stumps, to clipping the vines and uprooting shrubs, the professionals on our roster are ready to help you return that overgrown lot to its former beauty. Once they’re done, they’ll even cart away the bio-waste, rather than leaving it for you to deal with, as most other site-clearance companies do.

If you are ready to have an overgrown lot cleared quickly, professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner, contact Arbor Tree Surgeons today – we’ll match you with a site clearance professional in your area, who will complete the task.


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