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Tree care is a broad discipline that requires a variety of skills and an encyclopedic knowledge of trees. Arborists must understand issues as varied as physics, tree biology and soil chemistry to ply their craft – and these are the only types of tree-care professionals Arbor Tree Surgeons partners with.

Our impressive roster of arborists, tree-fellers and tree surgeons are experienced in all areas of tree care, and are ready to carry out any tree or garden service you require. We only work with the finest professionals in the industry, so you can be sure that you’ll receive the reliable, high-quality service you deserve.

Contact us today, and let us match you with a local tree service Sheffield you can count on.

No matter what type of local tree service you require, we can put you in touch with the best local arborist for the job. Some of the most common services our partners provide include:

Stump Grinding & GrindersAfter having a tree removed, you’ll still need to address the remaining stump. Most arborists associated with Arbor Tree Surgeons remove any stumps they create, but we also partner with stump-removal specialists, for homeowners left to contend with stumps created by other companies.
Tree Felling & Cutting DownIf you are clearing a lot or trying to convert a small patch of forest into timber or firewood, you’ll need the help of a competent tree feller. By relying on the expertise of a true professional, you’ll be able to harvest more useable timber than you would if you try to fell a large number of trees yourself.
Tree Planting and InstallationThere’s no better way to raise your property’s value and make it more attractive than by having new trees professionally installed. The skilled professionals that partner with Arbor Tree Surgeons can also help you to select the trees to be installed, which will improve your chances of success.
Tree Surveys & ReportsSurvey reports provide you with information about the species, health, size and demographics of a given property. This can help you develop a sound plan to maximize your use of the land and support the health of your trees.
Tree, Stump and Root RemovalTree removal is a complicated, difficult and dangerous task, that should always be left to professionals. Let us match you with the best arborist for your needs to ensure your trees are removed safely and with the precision only a skilled tree-removal expert can provide.
Trimming, Cutting and ShapingRegular trimming and structural pruning help keep your trees safe, healthy and looking their best. While homeowners can perform minor pruning or trimming jobs, professionals should always be relied upon for any pruning tasks that are above head height.
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